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Smile Boston Butts in Weber Charcoal Grill

In an attempt to master the smoking technique I encourage myself to make a boston butt. The only tool I have is a Weber Master-Touch 22in Charcoal Grill that my wife gave me as a gift last Christmas. So here's my adventure...
+ Started a night before and rubbed two boston butts with a Weber Dry Smoking Rub.
+ I woke up at 3:30am and took the butts out of the fridge.
+ On a half of the grill I placed foil on the bottom and also a drip pan with water, the foil for easy cleaning of the grill and the pan to have humidity inside the grill.
+ Filled a chimney starter with Kingsford charcoal briquettes and then arranged those briquettes in a semicircle in the kettle (unlit). Lit one of the ends of the semicircle and placed about four hickory chunks along the briquettes.
+ I made with foil a heat deflector and placed it below the grate in the middle of the grill to avoid direct heat to the butts.
+ Placed the grate in its position and closed the lid.
+ I half closed the bottom vent and left about a third open the upper vent. Waited until the iGrill read 250*, then added the two boston butts.
+ In a cup of apple juice I added about a tablespoon of the Weber rub. After 3 hours I brushed the butts with the mixture. From then on, I brushed the butts every hour or so.
+ After 5 hours of cooking I checked the internal temperature of the butts. One read 160* and the other one 155*, I decided to swap the position of the butts and waited another hour.
+ Passing that hour the other butt also got to 160*. Arranged four big pieces of foil (two for each butt), placed a butt in the foil and added some more juice mixture, did the same thing with the other butt.
+ Returned to the grate and closed the lid. Waited 4 more hours.
+ After 10 hours of cooking the internal temperature got to 190* in both butts.
+ I let the butts rest in a lifoam cooler for about two hours.
+ In the meantime I made two bbq sauces, both from a Weber's cookbook: West Carolina and Kansas City-style.
+ Throughout the smoking process the temperature varied between 230* and 275*, the iGrill was of much help to control the temp.
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