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Default Dove in head first & now I have some questions “insurance”

Ok first of all I have to say I think I have read every post in this forum before I dove in. I also have to say after all of that reading You folks know your business and state your opinions without the flame wars that take place on a lot of the forums I read. So hear is where I am at

For years the wife and I have talked of getting in to vending at street fairs, festivals, ect. By chance I got connected with a gentleman who was getting out of the business after quite a few years. We talked and I am becoming the new owner of his business. I did work a couple of events with him to make sure the financials he was feeding me were true. He is doing grilled items chicken, ribs, hot links tri tip. He is calling it BBQ, Here in So Cal anything over coals is BBQ.

So I figured I was buying something established he had to have all of the HD issues and business side issues worked out. And actually he is around 90% by the book. He is storing food prior to the events at home and he is also breaking down the cases of ribs and chicken and applying his rub at home. I should have a fix on this soon. If I can work it out a friend has space at his restaurant for a frige and will let me use the kitchen to break the cases and apply the rub in the off hours.

Now for the question I am stuck on. The insurance he carries is thru specialty insurance, It is a 1,000,000.00 general liability policy from reading their website it is the type of thing that covers me if someone gets burned by a barbecue or my E-Z up collapses and knocks someone out. My question is what kind of insurance do I need to cover what I serve? And who has reasonable rates? I am in California every other person is an attorney so I do not want risk being under covered in case of litigation. I have formed a LLC to distance the business form my personal dealings. I would hate to put the time in to making this work just to have to give it up because I did not buy the right insurance.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
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