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Originally Posted by tom b View Post
I really don't have much to add but I run my pit pretty much like txsmkmstr described, that said I do not always have time for that, that is why I have options.
yes sir. one trend I think Im seeing in this thread, is it seems almost everyone, even the diehard stick guys, have an "easy" cooker as well, be it charcoal or pellets.

Originally Posted by SDAR View Post
I started cooking with my egg around 2005. I had a heavy Oklahoma Joe prior to that that I never really learned because I didn’t take the time. The egg made it it so easy. I still have that same egg. Next, I bought a Traeger Texas. It was even easier. I plugged it in and tried to set it and forget it just like the commercials said. Like a post above, I could never let any of those cookers be. I guess you can say that I never “trusted” any of them.

To this day, I’ve had a Pitmaker Vault, Yoder YS640, PBS and a Gateway drum on top of all of the above cookers. I never learned to trust any of them...and was able to go to sleep or the kids or grandkids “games”. I have always needed to know “where it’s at”.

I’ve won several GC’s and RC’s at competitions while winning at Sam’s, IBCA, LSBS and KCBS competitions. I’ve qualified for and attended the American Royal Invitational as well as the World Food Championship when it was in Las Vegas.

I have always been too anal to allow myself more than probably more than 2 hours without checking my cooker.

What I am saying I guess, is if you trust whatever tool you choose to do the cooking for you; you are more of a relaxed cooker than I have ever have been despite the multiple attempts and the thousands of dollars I have spent in that pursuit.

Me? I give up. I’ll sit by the fire and feed it.
sounds like bbq is a serious hobby for you! congrats on the gc and rgc wins. Im sure getting to that level takes a lot of effort and talent.

for me, bbq is not my hobby. Cooking is. all kinds of cooking. I love smoking, grilling, I LOVE my wok burner, baking, braising,searing etc. I guess I like to eat, so I like to cook. I want it to taste great, but Im trying to eat, not necessarily to take the scenic route.

btw, Im sure it wont help you, but just in case, a heatermeter is a very cheap tool and it will show you your cooker temps anywhere you have internet access. it will even text your phone or email you if your cooker goes below or above a set temp.
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