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Originally Posted by txsmkmstr View Post
I have nothing to offer than hasn't already been said about your decision. I also have no experience with your particular pit. I would like to make an observation based on your comment.

Your spikes in temperature indicate to me that some different fire management techniques might have been in order. I'm thinking along the lines of 1) smaller fire and 2) smaller wood. In addition, the "add a split every 40 minutes" is something that not all pits subscribe to. In fact, it can be more like every 20 minutes to calm the temp fluctuations while maintaining a good coal base. I only bring this point to the table for those considering a stick burner in their future. Learn to control temps with fire size and forget about the dampers. Then and only then can you start to dial things in (like more or less smoke flavor) with the damper settings. Three cooks on an offset is not much of a learning curve.

I'm glad you found a buyer for your pit - best of luck with your new set up.
thank you. you kinda made my point for me. I have no interest in adding wood every 20 mins or cutting down splits to cook.

thanks though
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