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Originally Posted by Fyrman_Mike View Post
No I said, we are one of the few counties that do not have one. If someone wanted to open a hole in the wall shack and serve roadkill they could. (Oh wait, some idiot actually tried it!)
so many things wrong with this post.....

Just because you dont have a local HD doesnt mean you don't have to follow state regs. You may get away with it for a while but sooner or later it will bite you in the arse.

Your food would have to be prepared and packaged in a commercial kitchen.

Not sure what a Sanitation license covers but it doesnt sound like anything to do with food handling.

NOW that you have all that in place, your pork is worth a minimum of $8 per lb and unless your selling several hundred lbs at a time, your still losing money.

It doesn't matter what everybody else is doing, you posted in the food handling forum so i assumed you wanted to know how to do it properly.

Just trying to give you some facts brother.
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