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It seems like your wife has a good thing going...make sure that your product can live up to her levels. If you aren't adding positives to her venture, stay away from it...for your marriage and your sanity.

As far as the pork goes...a couple of lessons:
1. Pork can go up and down and has been as high as 1.69 a pound here. You also have 40% shrinkage, rubs, injections, fuel (to heat), sauce (maybe), time, cleaning and packing supplies.
2. Once you name a price, it is hard to be anything other than that price. If you say you are $5 a would be hard for me to pay $8 a pound tomorrow. Most people understand that it takes a long time to cook pork and even then you can end up with average pork. I say don't go a penny under $7 a lb so that you can use all the ingredients that you want to use.

I would also look at selling rubs and sauces in this equation...its more gourmet than frozen pulled pork. Just some thoughts to consider.

Good luck and make some money!!!
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