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Default Help with Business Start-up

Lets start with a little background.

My wife started a small cupcake/candy venture and it took off like a rocket. I have fixed bbq for family/friends/coworkers for years and think I can do ok as a vendor. We are looking at expanding this under my wifes company as she alsready has an established customer base. I have had several asking when I am going to start selling as well.

What we are looking at doing is selling prepackaged pulled pork in 2 lbs portions, vacuum sealed, frozen, then labeled with reheating instructions. As this weekend is Memorial Day I think it would be a good weekend to start.

What is the average price per pound for pulled pork if you aren't doing anything else? I was thinking around $5/lb, but seemed high to me. I know other established places that sell it for close to that 30 minutes from me, but they have a store front as well.

Thank you for your input!
Oh, you can email me your info as well as I am not on here a lot.
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