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Divide drum into 3 sections

Layout grill holes.
I chose 1 3/4"" and 8" from top. You should assess the drum you are using.

Layout Intake holes.
I chose 2" from bottom.

Layout Gauge hole.
I chose 9" (1" below lower rack)

Centerpunch marks.

Drill pilot holes.

Drill holes for Intake nipples
I use 1" which lets you thread 3/4" nipple (clean round hole)

Drill out holes for Grate supports
I am going to use 1/4" bolts. I use Unibit to get clean holes in thin metal.

Open up hole for gauge.
I use 3/4" hole which is a tight fit for a 1/2" pipe thread.

Thread in 3/4" close nipples
I use cap to protect threads and screw in as far as possible.
This link will show alternative to welding nipples.

Weld in Nipples

Install 3/4" ball valve.

Install grate supports.
I use this set up. I go hex head in. It seems to keep grate from slipping off when setting in. Also nice when you spin grate.
I use 1 3/4" for top and 2" for bottom.

Install gauge.
Again use conduit nut that comes with gauge to lock in.

Add Handles (optional)
I got these at Home Depot in the Hardware isle by garage door section. Little tip pre-bend ears with pliers past radius of drum so they will bend and hug drum when tightened.

Making Charcoal basket
This is the toughest part. I start with a replacement charcoal grate from a 18.5" weber kettle. I purchased at Home Depot

This is a view of legs. I chose 1/2" bolts 3 1/2" long. I use 2 washers and 2 nuts to capture grate.

I use a piece of 3/4 #9 expanded metal 8" wide X 44" long.

I pre bend it.

Attach it to weber grate. I welded but you can use wire and twist and bolt where overlaps.

Here is it complete

Reworking Lid
The last part would be to drill 8ea. 1/2" holes equally spaced in flat lid. I am using Weber Kettle lids so I am providing pic. of first UDS I built. Some lids have a 2" threaded bung opening that people have threaded pipe intoto make a smoke stack. Here is a link to examples.

Now only thing missing is a couple of 22" Weber grills and you are ready to cook.

Low and Slow.....

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