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Default Pulled Pork for Graduation Party

I am going to be doing (6) pork butts in a few weeks and getting the planning underway. I have done these before, but always done cooking the day of eating.

Party is on a Saturday at 4PM. I would like to cook Thursday afternoon on my GOSM gasser with supplimental smoke from Big Kahuna until 140F and then pull and put in my ceramic Primo Oval XL w/ CyberQ running for the overnight. Reasoning - more and better controlled smoke on GOSM/Kahuna. and More controll on temp/longevity on Primo.

First - any problems with my approach?

Second - Say pork is done Friday morning. What is the appropriate way to handle/store until party? and what would best reheat option be? Electric roaster or ??

Thanks for the help!

- Broilmaster Gasser, Blackstone 36" Griddle, Humphrey Battle Box, Primo Oval XL
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