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Default Looking for advice on 5 meat 5 side for the 4th of July

title pretty much sums it up. I am stumped on what to do.

35 people. Drop off. 4th of July
5 meat
5 side

Tri tip. (7 lbs?)
Beef rib. (7 beef rib plates?)
Stl rib (4 racks?)
Chicken thigh. (7lbs?)
Hot links. (5lbs?)

Mac cheese (full pan?)
Baked beans (half pan?)
3 bean salad (1/2 pan?)
Pot salad (1/2 pan?)
Slaw (1/2 pan?)

Add 1 tray cornbread

Do I charge per person or just sell trays of food?

Appreciate the help
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