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Default Hello from Orange County California.

New to this forum, but I've loved BBQ all my life. As a small kid I can still recall the annual family BBQ held in the park where they had 2-3 barrels cut in half and converted into smokers. The smell of the food cooking was always amazing and unbareable as you would often have to wait most of the day to eat. I've been making my own BBQ for almost 20 years now, but I have only been serious for the last 5 or so after picking up a great used smoker. As a result I'm a member of KCBS, a CBJ, and a CBBQA member. I own a large king fisher smoker, WSM, and small hibachi's that I make myself for those long fishing trips down in Mexico. I'm Located in Orange County not too far from the water. I enjoy single malts, good cigars, beer, and good food, but those are only a few of my interest. I try and get out to all the events in So-Cal and a few in AZ.
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