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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Don't give away food.

1. Give small samples, 1 or 2 at the most, people can tell whether they are going to buy or not after that.

2. Measure ALL of your costs, vending is not catering, you will need to monitor and account for all of your costs far more closely, even things like sample cups, gloves etc...

3. Price fairly to yourself and the market, trying to undercut it is a sure loser, but, being to precious with your product is also a loser.

4. Friendly sells more food.

this, all of this, especially #4. 2 is paramount to being successful. KNOW YOUR COSTS, EVERYTHING. You should be able to look around and know exactly what everything costs you. Like a 2oz soufle cup, so people can take sauce to go. That little plastic cup is a penny, but pennies add up quick.

Personally, I really rarely sample out product to sell it. If you're in my store, you're there to buy bbq. This isn't a buffet line

KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS, the meanest rudest people, this brisket is raw, they hate your food, want their money back, something isn't cooked right, I can name a thousand things you will get told by ignorant people. Kill them with kindness, buy their food, do whatever you can to get them out and away from happy customers as fast as you can.

Price, be fair, but you're not standing there to barely cover costs, make sure it's worth all your time and effort.
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