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Default What more could I want

Finally getting out of the rainy crappy weekends. Today was mid 70's and sunny. I pulled some spares out of the freezer and my wife asked if I'd make potato salad to go with it. Of course I said yes. Didn't get a start pic, but this is after 1 hour 45 mins at 210*. I bumped up the temp to 275* and put the ABT's in.

I've been trying to play with timing and temps on the pellet smoker to get the amount of smoke I want along with the proper doneness.

Today was a win with both. 1:45 at 210*, then 1:15 at 275*, wrap and 25 mins at 300*.

Juicy and a nice smoke ring (even if you can't quite see it) and just the right bite. Plated up with potato salad, green beans with almonds, and ABT's.

Enjoyed it very much with a fantastic beer.

Don't know what else I could want out of a day. Nice sunshine, great wife, fantastic BBQ, and the perfect beer to go with it all. Hope all of you had an equally great day and thanks for looking.
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