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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
When you post pics, maybe you could share with us what was involved in getting ready to vend.

Licenses, permits, inspections, etc.

I know its different everywhere but would like to heat about your situation!
Pics will be a few days I think the camera grapped out on me will have to take some more this week. In NY you need a mobile vending permit which is $30 dollars and since I have a truck built to their specs a preinspection was not needed. I had to get wriiten permission from the land owner were I am vending at and a town permit from the clerks office for $75.00 for the the first month and then half of that each month after that. I was inspected already and will be once a month and once you know what they are looking for it's qiute easy to comply.It was quite easy if you have the write equipment and a good spot. Hope this helps.
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