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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Depends! How's that for an answer.
1. How much fat makes a difference. Fatty meat doesn't keep as well as lean.
2. Vacuum bagged will keep longer no matter the type of meat.
3. If it's frozen in ice, not just ice crystal coated, it'll keep a good long while. We used to freeze fresh caught fish in milk cartons filled with water. Of course, that keeps the air off it.
4. Turkey or chicken in the original "shrink wrap" will keep for a LONG time. Wrapped in the looser retail bags...not so much. Freezer burn is waiting for ya!
5. General rule is 6-12 months for pork and that tends to be true. If you see ice crystals and the edges looks pale - it's gotten freezer burned. It won't kill ya, but it will taste like crap.
6. Prepared meats like sausages will keep for a really long time if vacuum packed.

I keep going back to vacuum packing and I have not financial interest in FoodSaver, but if your food is packed in one of their bags and the seal is right, the meat will last for a long time.
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