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Originally Posted by maxwell7 View Post
My late wife NEVER thawed her Thksgvng turkey. Been trying to convince my current wife to try it! She finally did thanks to the American Turkey council web-site that gave a full explanation on how to do it , as well as saying it's best and safest that way. They also said that while quality could not be assured , a frozen turkey will keep in the frozen state indefinitely!!Why not other foods? If you look at FDA guidelines , they don't agree with the Turkey council. Sooo, whom do you believe-- beats me--ours was over a year old and tasty and juicy!

Lets see... who are we to believe?

1)A greedy capital conglomerate whose goal is to breed profit for it's members at all cost?


2)A corrupt Gov't agency that does what big greedy capitalist conglomerates pay them to do?

hmmmm..... hard choice. Guess someone at the FDA did not get their pay off.

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