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Made it to Lewis' a couple nights ago and it was good, but not great. I was expecting a lot more actually and that probably weighed in on my evaluation. I've been to both Franklin's and LA BBQ when I believe Lewis was there and the brisket was far superior at these other two establishments. The pulled brisket was outstanding at Lewis, very nice flavor, but the the sliced was lacking in flavor and not as tender/juicy as the former. The ribs were extremely good. Mac and cheese was very good and the greens also were nice. Went again last night and I was disappointed. It was a drop-off from before. The ribs were ok and the pulled brisket was not nearly as good as the other night. The flavor profile was different. Asked my wife and she said the same thing. Had the fries and they were the best ever. I don't want to dis Lewis. It is definitely good, but not as good as I was expecting. Brisket was average to me for Texas-style in Texas. Outside of Texas, I would rate very good to excellent, but I have had much better (at Q Shack in Raleigh and BT's in Sturbridge for instance). Sides, sausage were excellent at Lewis'. Ribs were great the first night, not so great the next.

Also did Rodney Scott's a couple nights back. Outstanding. Best pulled pork I ever had, most tender and juicy by a mile, and ribs are definitely top three. Wife had catfish. That is usually hit or miss. This was definitely a hit. The menu is not extensive, but what we had was all excellent. The sides were good, but not as good as at Lewis' for instance. I have trouble comparing Carolina BBQ with Texas BBQ. To me, they are two different things entirely. I prefer Texas BBQ, but I don't do vinegar too well. That said, Rodney Scott's would absolutely be in my top 5 and probably top 3 of all BBQ, that is how good it was. This is definitely a destination. If I preferred Carolina style, this would be number 1 by a long mile.
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