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Originally Posted by 93_confirmed View Post
I just went out and partially disassembled the Joe. The only two things that could be noteworthy are the firebox is rustimng both inside and out to the point where it's peeling/flaking and there was about a 1/4 of muck lining the very bottom of the cook chamber. I cleaned it all out. Also checked exhaust again and it's clean and no debris. Could the rust be thining the firebox metal enough that I'm losing heat?
Did you check EVERYTHING?

Id clean it inside and out, top to bottom, and perform a visual inspection. Id check for damage or anything out of the ordinary. Is air leaking somewhere? Did it rust through anywhere? Also, try a different thermometer to make sure that isnt an issue or check the existing one (ice water, boiling water if it has that range) adjusted for altitude.

Try a load of charcoal to rule out the wood.

Only things I can think of.
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