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Default RE: New to this slow cook stuff... Ques.

Just looked up the Lynx.

Looks like a 4 burner gas grill.

Pulled pork it a "low and slow" meat, but lets give her a try.

Take one pork shoulder, or Boston Butt as they are sometimes marked, and rub it down with something. Peppper, chili powder, or something you like. Wrap it in plastic wrap and in the fridge over night.

Now we need to simulate a smoker, using your grill. You'll need one of them stainless or cast oron smoker boxes from Home Depot, along with a bag of smoke pellets (I have hickory and Jack Daniels pellets for my gas grill)

Light one burner, on the far end ( no rotisserie) and let things heat up. Fill the smoker box with pellets and put over the lit burner. have an oven thermometer at the opposite end. What does it read after 20 min? Adjust burner to high med low to get that reading on the opposit end to read 220*. If you have trouble getting to 220 that far away, light a second burner, next to burner #1.

Get a 220 reading, and put the shoulder on the unlit section of grill. This is "offset" cooking. Not truly smoking, but as close as you can get with your unit.

If you are able to get 220, count on 1.5 hrs per pound. Stick a thermometer into the shoulder. At 165-170, wwrap in foil and return to the grill. Stop using pellets, as its now wrapped (or use oven) and wait until internal temp is 185-190. Pull off and throw (wrapped) into a cooler with a towel wrapped around it.

I forgot to mention to spray every ince and a while, especially when right before you wrap. Start with apple juice and experiment later.

After about 2-3 hours in the cooler, remove and unwrap CAREFULLY, very juicy. Pull with gloves, add favorite sauce, and your done

Let us know!!!

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