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We enjoyed Rudy's BBQ in Leon Springs off I-10 (near Six Flags - Fiesta Texas). Billed as "the worst bbq in Texas" :) meat is placed on paper lined tray with sliced bread and other side dishes in small containers. When I lived there, they shoveled burning oak coals from a fire pit and distributed it directly underneath the various meat offerings in the smoking pit. It was originally a gas station with indoor and outdoor picnic style seating, they now have a few franchise locations. My friends in San Antonio still recommend it along with Smoke Shack BBQ on Mulberry St.

Smoke Shack is not a far detour from your route, was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, and has won some local awards.

You will see some of the Texas Hill Country between San Antonio and Junction, with the most beautiful parts slightly west of your intended route.

I would suggest the Mexican food but.....New probably get plenty. However, if you are a connoisseur, there are probably style differences, as San Antonio has predominately northern Mexico style dishes, as well as good ol' Tex-Mex.

Sounds like a fun trip.
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