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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by Bluehawg View Post
Hey man, great idea... Don't forget about us Blackberry folks though.
We are doing an HTML5 web app, so as long as your BB supports html5, you should at least get most of the features... If we can figure out how to market this system at a reasonable cost we can work on developing a native BB app if we see a market there.

The exhaust serves 2 purposes, the first of which is to house a sensor for smoke. There is a close able vent that the stack sits on top of, and you only need open it slightly to be able to test smoke. The lid is certainly not sealed tight enough to allow the smoke to stay contained, and this allows me to have a more sure path which I can test. Secondly, I made the electric burner removable so that you can use coal if you want to. it has adjustable ball valves on the bottom so that you get a good flow going if you choose to.

If anyone has any recipes they can share, i would love to add them into the app itself. Does anyone know what the rules are for publishing the recipes in the recipe section?
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