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Default Greetings from Maryland!

I've been smoking with the PBC for about 6 years and I've really enjoyed it, so recently I decided it was time for an upgrade. After evaluating a bunch of different brands and models, I settled on a LSG 20X42. It should be here in a couple months and I'm stoked (pardon the pun, I am a dad)!

Here's the current setup:

I just did an 18.5 lb turkey in the PBC and it came out great. I don't have the turkey hanger so I improvised with the hooks and it was just fine. I used done cherry chunks early on and that gave it a nice sweeter flavor than just the straight Kingsford Competition coals.

I'm considering doing a KCBS class next year in Pennsylvania. Should be fun! Looking forward to posting about the new stick burner.
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