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Originally Posted by PatAttack View Post
Must've been an off couple of nights at Lewis or maybe the brisket was held too long.

You are spot on on the sides being better at Lewis.

If folks are ever in Charleston, you MUST hit these two spots.

Wednesdays at Lewis they have Prime Rib.

Saturday they have beef ribs. Expensive but the bomb!

Sundays they have chicken fried steak w/ a hatch chile white gravy. Divine!
They only prepare 32 servings, so get there early!
OK, I'm no longer in Charleston, but I made it to Scott's a second time and to Lewis a third, and fourth. Scott's the second time was not nearly as good as the first. The pulled pork was not as tender, but it was still extremely flavorful and excellent. Ribs also were not as good either, but they were cut from the shorter end. Wife had the prime rib sandwich which was good, but rather boring. Scott's was still excellent and even on the second, potentially sub-par night, it still would rate the best pulled pork I've had. We also had the hushpuppies and they were fabulous.

Anyway, back to Lewis. We lived in Cruces for three years and Lewis is originally from El Paso, so we thought we'd try some real New Mexican food. We did and it was quite nice. Probably the best part were the corn tortillas. You might think this is basic filler, but it is not. Most of these are lame now. Lewis' are not. My wife said she hadn't had corn tortillas that tasted like this since she was in Juarez some 35 years ago. I also remembered this flavor from my youth in Arizona. We asked about them and they make them from scratch the old fashioned way, well worth it. They are flavorful and taste like corn tortillas used to taste before they were mass produced and unflavorful. Anyway, my wife wanted to return for breakfast this morning and we each had a breakfast burrito, both very nice, but since we were already at Juan Luis for breakfast, we could just wait until Lewis BBQ opened and had lunch, as they are right next to each other and share the same parking lot. Today was prime-rib and cheddar sandwich day and I also ordered a couple slices of fatty brisket. Sandwich was fabulous. Everything we wanted from Scott's but didn't get the night before. The brisket also was great, tender and juicy, although still not as flavorful as I would have preferred, but still excellent. I'll probably post pics in another thread. Anyway, BBQ is more an art than a science and things do change from night to night.

In sum, both are excellent and well worth the visit.
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