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Originally Posted by jimepp View Post
I would love to learn how to make an unforgettable chicken bbq sauce. Suggestion anyone?
My friend once brought a take-out chicken bbq for me from an unknown restaurant. I really loved the sauce. It has soy sauce of course but it has sort of tangerine and honey sweet taste that blended with salty essence. I hope I can create such sauce too.

It's hard to decode without tasting the sauce for ourselves, but what you describe sound similar to a sweet orange teriyaki sauce (soy, orange, honey).

I guess the question is what are you trying to achieve with your chicken? Are to trying to replicate something specific, or just try something different?

There are literally hundreds of great brines, marinades, and sauces out there to try. Some impart moisture, some impart flavor, some do a little of both.

If you are looking to boost the natural flavor of the chicken without covering it up and impart moisture into the bird; I would suggest Dr. Baker's Cornell Chicken.

In the booklet below, they refer to it as a sauce, but it's more of a marinade with some ingredients for a brine.

A couple important notes:

1) you must keep the chicken in the liquid, refrigerated for as close to 24 hours as possible (zip-lock bags work well and eliminate waste).
2) you need to cook over extremely hot coals, shuttling between direct and indirect heat to facilitate even cooking of the poultry.

Many Firehouses and Churches cook this type of chicken halves/quarters as a take-out fundraiser in Central and Western New York State. It has become so popular that tickets to purchase a dinner are completely sold out weeks and even a month before the actual event takes place.
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