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Originally Posted by el luchador View Post
yes sir! as I said earlier in the thread, the best heat and smoke out of my stick burner was when it was down to the glowing embers and there was no smoke emanating from the cooker. It just smelled like heat and it was awesome. When I put my hand over the exhaust the smell was just pure.

now, Im not going to pretend like I know anything about anything, so maybe you can help.

in my limited understanding wood becomes embers when everything else is burned off and all that's left is carbon? and lump charcoal is carbonized wood?

now the heat I got out of the glowing lump charcoal smelled and acted like the ember stage of wood.

Pray, tell, what are the differences between red hot fresh embers and red hot lump charcoal?

(btw, I still have a bunch of pecan logs left. Guess whats going to be made out of them )
My understanding is that charcoal is almost 100% carbon, it's called char.

When wood burns with more oxygen present, it creates char, which continues to burn, and also volatile gases, which at certain temperatures impart different more or less desirable flavours to the meat that is exposed to it.

Those embers burning still have some volatile gases present to impart flavour to the meat, the burning char does impart flavour ss well, but far less, and less complex.

So charcoal is a purer form of carbon than embers from burning logs.
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