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Found some matches.
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First of all, let me say yummm. I need a large napkin to wipe the drool off. Second, great job on the resto. Is that a flip-up shelf?

Second, regarding the Guru. I recently modded my Bandera to add a BBQ Guru. Unlike others, I did added it to the side door rather than the bottom from corner of the firebox. I figured that, if I had to undo the mod, it would be cheaper and easier to replace the door than the firebox. I also like that the fan is blowing across the length of the grate rather than across one end of it and into a wall. But that's just me.

First, I removed the sliding baffle and pin. I bolted on a 1/8" steel plate that covered the slots. I drilled my 1 3/8" hole for the Guru fan adapter in the plate (also had to remove one "baffle" on the door behind the hole so that the fan's airflow would not be obstructed). By adding the plate, I was able to locate the fan adapter at whatever height/centering I wanted to rather than some awkward location above/below or to the side of the baffles. Worked great on the temp, but I had an issue.

I was starting with a chimney of charcoal followed by cherry chunks all day long. I never really seemed to get to the blue smoke. Seemed like it was always grey. Also, the inside of the firebox (in fact the inside of everything) got covered with a glossy coating. I almost want to call it a creosote coating. Not sure what it is.

I was using the 10 cfm fan. I had made previous mods, such as sealing the main door and firebox lid that made this s pretty tight smoker. Is it possible that the fan was simply not big enough? That the fire not enough oxygen? Or was it something else. Has anybody ever had this issue?

12 yo Bandera with ceramic thermal coated firebox and baffle.

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