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Default Armadillo eggs… did I get them right?

Armadillo eggs… did I get them right?
I did a big cookout for family over the weekend and wanted to make some appetizers so I made a couple of fatty’s and thought I’d try some armadillo eggs. I remembered seeing a post a week or so back but there were no pix so I guessed and did what seemed right.
1. Cut tops off and sliced partway down side for better access to innards.
june cookout 2011 010.jpg
2. Stuffed with med cheddar cheese.
june cookout 2011 012.jpg
3. Covered with an Italian sausage with some dry rub added.
Put onto smoker.
june cookout 2011 025.jpg
4. Rolled over after about 40 min or so and they were kinda sinking into the grates.
june cookout 2011 030.jpg
5. Sliced, picked & seved.
june cookout 2011 029.jpg
6. Had some left over. 1 lbs of sausauge only coverd 7 peppers. So I got creative and made an I.P.HO.D. (improvised pepper holding device), and put them on the smoker. They came out really good too.
june cookout 2011 026.jpg
So… did I get them right? Even if they weren’t right they where really good. Everyone liked them. We’ll every one except the wife. She said something about them being too hot. But she did say that she was able to breath afterward. Seems she did not know how stuffed up she was until after eating a small slice.
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