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Originally Posted by Qbert60 View Post
Hey Brethren! I am in need of some help. I have signed up for a rib cook-off (mainly because I am jonesing for a competition) that is taking place a local brewery. We are cooking baby backs. We are given 5 slabs. We turn in 5 bones and distribute the rest to the public. Part of the comp is that we have to use one the brewery's beers somewhere in our cooking process. Marinade, baste, spritz, etc... Now, here comes my problem. I have only cooked in KCBS contests and cook St. Louis spares. I have yet to cook baby backs. I am looking for some pointers and tips for cooking baby backs hot and fast. - Brewery

I was thinking of using their raspberry ale to cut my sauce with. Does that sound good? Help?

About the way I cook. I use an offset stickburner and normally cruise at 300* - 325*.
U will be fine at that temp, just cut your times down some.
U are gunna do a practice cook
Skippy where is the riboff at?
They lookin for more cookers?
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