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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
Cooking should be enjoyable, so do what you gotta do!
yes sir!

Originally Posted by pjtexas1 View Post
At least you didn't spend a lot of money on the Pecos.

Somebody better get the word out to all those BBQ joints that are doing it wrong.

Just kidding. Have to applaud you just a little bit for not being afraid of the backlash. Hopefully you have a good sense of humor.

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in actuality, from what Ive heard/ read, the true bbq was using embers, not wood - and this wood deal is fairly new?

Originally Posted by 16Adams View Post
I sold mine too. My reasons were No skills or patience. A beer or two every 30-45 minutes matching sticks wasnít healthy

Originally Posted by SDAR View Post
Iím going back to stick burning. Iíve been through them all and still have the drums and the egg. I can understand where you are. Iíve been there. I still am in certain situations. Looking forward to getting another stick burner now.
this is my second try stick burning. first try I was using a POS(pitiful offset) and went to the UGLY DRUM. the first cook I did on the drum was the best cook I had ever done but I felt like the smoke was light on it. so after a while of great que on the drum I built a vertical stick burner, and felt the smoke was light, so to make sure it wasnt the drum, I bought an decent offset smoker, and what do you know, light clean smoker but tons of work.
I say that to say, this was not my first rodeo on the offset, and who knows it may not be my last.

Originally Posted by ssv3 View Post
A lot of work but the payoff is totally worth it and it's FUN. Best bbq for me is off the stick burner so I'll always have one in the mix. With that said, my stick burner season is fall through spring. I don't like tending the fire during those hot arse summer months so I use my other cookers. Like mentioned above though, it's not for everyone. Good luck!
not a bad way to go
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