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Ok. I have been looking to get post oak wood shipped to Iowa for months. I would like to replicate Texas style barbecue in the midwest and have been practicing for months and hope to open up a small trailer within the next couple of years. A seasonal thing since I doubt people would want to eat outside in the middle of December in Iowa. I have asked on other forums and have had little help. So, does anyone know of any business besides fruita wood chunks that could send post oak wood to Iowa in bulk on a regular basis? Either from Texas or anywhere else? Hill Country BBQ in New York gets post oak trucked to them from Texas. I asked where they got it from but they never got back to me. Also, would white oak work just the same? I have looked into white oak but wasn't sure if it would taste the same and the local craigslist people here said they don't organize their wood and it is just random varieties of oak and I would like a reliable source. Any help would be great!
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