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Default Newb Question(s)

Second smoke on my UDS this weekend. First time doing a brisket and did a pork tenderloin.

I've smoked before with friends and always used mustard on the brisket and a commercial rub.

This time I wanted to simplify things a bit, so I went with Olive Oil as a pre-rub and ground my own black pepper, kosher salt and some minced garlic as the rub.

I loved the flavor, it was by far better than using my previous commercial rub but the bark was not as good as I like.

What do y'all use for pre-rub? Should I stick with mustard?

Is there any other ingredient you add to the rub as a filler to make a better rub? (not so much to change flavor but texture\appearance)

My other question is related to thermometers. I have the Maverick ET-732 wireless thermometer and love it. I don't have an instant read and think I would like one :)

Ideally I want a Thermapen but wife says no. So what cheap alternative to a Thermapen do you use?

Thanks much!

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