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Default CL Score Weber Performer 2009

Well yesterday I was surfing CL and listed was a Weber Propane Grill for $120. I clicked on it thinking it was going to be a gasser and to my suprise it was a Performer.... and the reason they listed for getting rid of it, was because they bought a "better" grill.

So I texted them and went over there after work and picked this bad boy up. I tried to haggle but they were firm at $120, which I still think was a steal. It was in great shape.

They said they bought it a couple years ago. I guess 4 years is a couple of years. It's a 2009

The grates were in good condition, won't have to buy them.

Only defects was a missing washer/bolt on the lid holder and a ding in the lid.

It came with a cover which is in rough condition and will be replaced and an extra propane bottle. A little bit of oven cleaner and elbow grease and this guy will be nice and pretty.

Even though I felt bad for haggling but I might as well try. This was a steal at $120.
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