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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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I see.

Listen guys I've been grillin for years. I have one of these bad boys x 6 years and had this x 9 (I guess I should put this all in a sig; haven't gotten around to it)

I did the minion in the Kettle Grill many times with fairly successful results but decided to go with a dedicated smoker so I could have the big boy(i) freed up for major cooks during gatherings. I tried a Pit Boss pellet and must have gotten a bad unit since it nearly caught on fire, returned it and got an OK Joe reverse that I tried to seal but didn't get good results on it and sold it to go with the Horizon RD I have today.

I hope to get much more and many years of quality smoking going and for now I have been learning the unit. The Wood in the firebox seems to burn ok and more smolder when I have kept the firebox closed but damper full open

I think I will try to have the FB door 1/4 open and see if that will help with times and cleanliness of the smoke (kind of meeting the issue halfway if you will).

I guess I'll have to use the Kettle Grill to do the longer cooks like Brisket and Pork Butt and want to let it and forget it, but it's a mild disappointment to have to use that if I have a dedicated smoker
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