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Default Fab Products

Many of us use the FAB line of products in our Que.
Here are some of the best historical threads.

And here is the post by the "one and only"--Jim Minion:

" The injection that is being used by many out there now days is more than a flavor thing. When the animal is slaughtered and goes into rigor it takes the natural phosphates out of the meat. Fab B replaces those phosphates lost in rigor meaning you increase moisture retension and yield. You will find that shrinkage is much less. This product does have a flavor factor also, it was a factor in the reason for DrBBQ's win in TX on Chris Lilly's show. I talked with Ed Roith and he made it clear that Doc's brisket had much more beef flavor than the other two briskets.

There are a number of Tx cooks I have met that are cooking brisket in high heat short cooks, Johnny Trigg and James Rice are two examples of cooks that use these techniques and win on a regular basis."


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