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The UPS did that to us recently. We were waiting for the Turbo for my fiancÚ's father's truck which was supposed to be delivered on a Monday. Of coarse it snowed pretty bad so I didn't really expect it to come that day.

The next day it says it's out for delivery and I track it on the live tracker pretty much all day. It's in town which is about a mile and a half from the house pretty much the entire time. A little after 5 pm it says it's undeliverable.

The next day it's expected to be delivered but the roads are still bad out in the country where we live so this time my fiancÚ and I actually track the truck down and get our package because we don't know if he would have come to the house and her dad was needing to try and get the truck fixed. The driver did tell us that he wouldn't get to deliver everywhere that he was supposed to go because of the roads.
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