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Originally Posted by grizzly0925 View Post
Home of the IRON HORSE. RIP Was my first unit in communications! I will probably shoot you a private message in the coming weeks after talking with some locals first about how they've dealt with the department and using their smokers. etc etc.

That is where I am conflicted, if I start it on the side, since my current job would allow me to do it and it worked out for me I may jump all in one day. We will see.
Wow, that is awesome. Yeah, it's tough to see tanks leave the Marine Corps, but I do understand the logistics of it. Everything we do is "joint force" anyways, and the Army actually has modern Abrams tanks. The tanks we had were 1960's technology which had been updated over and over again. Eventually you can't just keep upgrading old technology.

Anyways, I hope things work out for you. North Carolina is actually one of the most strict states in the country when it comes to the food code. It's right up there with NY, CA, and MN. They want NSF smokers, but Carolina BBQ is built around cinderblock pits. There are restaurants here (even newer restaurants) where people are still cooking in non-NSF pits, but they get a pass from the health department. It was a massive frustration for me and that's why I just work on Camp Lejeune...the base does its own inspections and they looked at my smoker and said something like "Yeah, it's clean enough and it works."

The command staff from 2nd Tanks comes by pretty often for lunch and that's pretty cool. All the tanks are gone and they are really just getting ready to deactivate in May or June (not sure as it keeps changing).
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