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You guys ROCK. That is the best picture.

I survived the semi frozen chicken and cooked them until a nice 175. A little more than I normally do (165) but they seemed to turn out ok. No complaints yet, but you guys are right. I'll never do that again. It's hard to tell sometimes for the thawing time as I don't like to thaw them out too far in advance but lately these things are like rocks.

I had 10 briskets and 5 chickens go on and it was freaking me out the whole time but everyone loved the food.

Funny enough the 10 briskets turned into 11 when I was done cleaning them. I should have taken a picture of these babies. They were so freaking huge I had to use both hands just to pick them up. 2 cases of briskets weighing in at 186lbs. That's about 16lbs average each.

The monster brisket was so big it nearly covered the bottom of the case. So after trimming them it was enough that it was equivalent of one of the smaller ones.
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