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Originally Posted by kurtsara View Post
Why shouldn't the food trucks or anyone else selling food not have to meet the same requirements that a restaurant does?
Because there may be some requirements that are irrelevant, unnecessary or that can be safely modified or relaxed for a small volume producer with a limited product line. I don't know. Requirements are handled at the local and state level so there are hundreds of variations and trying to generalize is not reasonable IMO. Also Google "regulatory capture."

Having worked on a couple of national standards and code committees I can tell you for sure that financially interested companies participate aggressively. For food, my expectation would be that food sellers will be lobbying tenaciously with your exact argument. Suppliers to the industry will be lobbying to get their various expensive gadgets onto the required kit list. Laws, sausages, standards, and codes development is a very messy and sometimes disgusting process.
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