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Good grief, good thing I don't follow everything that has been said in an article about what's bad for you and how to do things. Not supposed to leave hard boiled eggs out at room temperature for over 2 hours or they are bad, (read it on the internet in multiple places so it must be true), amazingly I left them out for at least 8 hours and I'm still alive with no ill effects.
Remember these people who write about such things make a living by continually coming up with something to write about.
I sometimes rinse poultry sometimes I don't. If I want the skin to crisp up more I leave the turkey or chicken uncovered in the fridge for at least a day sometimes up to three. I'm still struggling to come up with a reason why leaving fowl in the fridge uncovered is somehow bad for the bird, I guess these same people never buy out of the butcher case.
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