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Originally Posted by pharp View Post
I find it to still be relatively accurate. We cater on an on-demand basis (legally) and while a restaurant or full time food truck would have much higher costs, there are other things that cost me way more. First and foremost is meat. Second, buying anything in small batches is way more expensive. And third is time. If I do a 250 person wedding that is two full days of my time that would normally be spent doing something else (instead of just adding more product to an already running smoker). Not trying to argue, but just making the point that the 3x cost does not go as far as you think for the part-time small guys.
I don't see you arguing at all. Whether lithe operation is small or large isn't the concern. Somebody that is simply doing a favor for a neighbor or a buddy once a year is completely different than you, me or even Famous Dave's. That person doesn't have the same types of expenses. It's product cost and time.
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