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Originally Posted by Taylormade View Post
This is why, when I started out vending, I'd only charge them for reimbursement of the food and not make a penny. I bought everything at RD and would hand them the receipt. It allowed me to hone my skills cooking for the masses and I'd just tell whomever was asking that I'd cook it for free as my gift to them.

That was many moons ago now though, so if I were in the same situation, I don't know what I'd do.
In 99% of most counties in the US you broke the law after the first penny changed hands unless the event qualified under old cottage type laws that are more or less history at this point.

Guys, you are personally liable for engaging in these activities and I see some Shirley owners here in the thread which tells me you aren't the average member of the go be poor somewhere else crowd and likely have plenty to lose.

There's two things you never want to cross in life, a game warden and a public health enforcement inspector they will destroy you purely for the sport of having done it.
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