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Originally Posted by SmoothBoarBBQ View Post
General rule is to triple your food costs. Are you providing buns, sauces, plasticware, plates, cups, drinks? Add it all up, triple the cost, and that's a pretty fair price for all parties involved.

For 2 meats and 2 sides (about 1/4Lb portions of everything) I would be doing $12 per head. If this person is a friend you would still probably make a little money at $10 per head.

I'm sure tons of people will swarm this thread talking about liability issues, and with this litigious world it's a big concern. Especially so when you're talking a 50th birthday party as the guests will tend be on the older side and are generally a higher risk of having serious health risks if there is some kind of food poisoning issue. Obviously you'll have to decide whether or not the risk is worth the nominal amount of money you'll make.

Either way good luck!
Was going to type basically the exact same thing. Good advice on both points.
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