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Originally Posted by Big Sexy View Post
I dont have an answer for ya, but I do have a question....

How long is it safe to keep cryovac meats (briskets & butts) in a deep freezer??

I am new to this forum, but I have worked in the foodservice industry for quite some time now. Your product should be fine as long as it has stayed frozen the entire time (not thawed and re-frozen), and assuming that it was not frozen close to or after it had expired. If it was frozen close to it's expiration date then I would thaw it naturally under refrigeration and inspect it. If a bag was accidentally opened then it could be re-sealed or wrapped (keeping it in a frozen state) to avoid outside contamination.
As a general rule of thumb for any restaurant I have worked in I will not recieve any product that has been frozen for longer than six months, but that is more of a quality issue than a safety issue. At home I have used product that has been frozen for longer than six months and it has turned out fine.

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