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Originally Posted by sfbbqguy View Post
Just so we keep it "on topic" I'm certain that you're talking (thinking) (mostly drinking) about the UDS while consuming said beverages at "bar"!! that's another forum in an of itself!! Yet a worthwhile one!

Just to keep it it a 55 gallon drum down there? Or some kind of metric hybrid? And what's the metric equivelant of 225 degrees in your drum?
Ive been thinking (and drinking) about a UDS for nearly 6 months at da bar.
In Auz we call them 44 gallon drums or 44s, they seem to be a bit smaller then the ones I see you guys using.
225 F is 107 Celcius, most meat thermometers here are marked in both farenheight and celsius so no probs with converting,
cant wait to do some cooking, Kangaroo ribs? kangaroo roast?

Cheers Steve.
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