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Originally Posted by Kidcurry73 View Post
UDS looks great!

Does anyone have that template in PDF, I can not read what is written on the lower left hand side and in searching for 2 days have yet to find the original...maybe I'm just not searching correctly. (short bus mod)
It probably never was a .pdf, I might have said it was. Anyway, I saved it as a .jpeg. As for whats in the corner, it really don't matter. Just use the eight circles in the center for the holes in the top, then there are three evenly spaced triangles to use for your air inlets in the bottom and then four evenly spaced squares to use for the bolts to hold up your grates... I placed the template on the lid and made marks on the edge of the lid where needed. Then placed the lid on the drum and used a plumb bob to transfer to the side of the drum down where they go.
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