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Originally Posted by frayedend View Post
Yeah I'm certainly no expert. I watched the Franklin PBS videos, and I've made less than 10 briskets so far. Some better than others but all so incredibly successful with the people I fed that I'm considered a star BBQer around here. Granted, it's Massachusetts so the competition is thin. But the Walmart version had 4 people that had recently been to Texas say it was better than anything they had in Texas.
I wasn't any good at all with brisket until after I bought Franklins book on smoking meat. A meat smoking manifesto he calls it. Cooking the same level of meat as before, but using Franklins process and attention to detail, and the results were astonishing. I think the process we use for brisket is the key and the meat itself is just one piece of the puzzle.
Add to that the tips and helps in the forum threads here and my brisket game is vastly improved. I think you'll continue to do great with Wally World if you've already found a way to make 'em taste great.
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