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Yes, pictures speak louder than words, but without pictures, sometimes there is silence and thats not good.

However, i will admit, sometimes its the pictures that get my ass out there to cook so we WANT THOSE PHOTOS! They also get us primed for lunch, drool at work, and without them, there would be no throwdown. Pics are great.. but so are the techniques, the ideas, and just sharing the experience, sans photo.

Heres another one.. I have a camera phone filled with pics i have never posted. Why? Lazy, no cable, bluetooth failed, got sidetracked.. and because of that, I never posted the experience. FAIL!

This is to do nothing but to make everyone aware of the perspectives, both sides. For those not to be afraid to post without photos, and for those to keep the photos coming when u have them!

I am glad theres alot of agreement here.. I should have said something sooner..
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