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I have soft, fancy hands now, so I like to wrap the oil soaked rag around a long spatula or stick, so I am not reaching over the grill and getting burned. I prefer a good pair of neoprene or PVC chemical gloves for handling hottish things, but, use the non-latex food service gloves for handling most foods. Long, heavy duty spatula will keep you happier, if you can get one from a restaurant supply store, do it, those things are rock solid, your hands will be happier. Same with tongs, the longer you buy, the stiffer and heavier you want. But, check the spring rate, you want a Goldilocks pair, just right for you.

I love County Restaurant Supply in San Mateo, if you can make time to get there, you will find the best prices for the highest quality products. I get my service tubs, food storage tubs, squirt bottles, cooking implements from there. Love that place.

Also, you will want a lot of towels, when you are serving food to others, there is never a good time for a dirty rag. Another thing that I always liked, and am sad to see is no longer the practice, wear a clean hat that covers your head. There was actually a reason chefs used to have to wear hats, it makes for a cleaner look, and you won't accidentally touch your hair while cooking.
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