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Default Pulled Beef Party

BIL raised him some beef and and the 3 of these roast was from his cow and for our annual Christmas dinner today. Wanted me to cook em but didn’t know what cut of beef he wanted and I wouldn’t tell him so this is what he chose. The one top left was an Arm Roast and the other two with bones were Bone In Chuck and I had couple of boneless USDA Chucks from Sam’s I’d planned to grind for burger meat and decided to cook one of them as well to see how they compared and was really shocked that his meat was better and quite a bit better in fact. It just pulled much better. He said it was young but plenty big and had been fed a lot of grain and was still sucking tit. Tried something for the first time on these and that was “no rub”, except for a little I put in the marinade (no injection either). I will be marinating my briskets from now on whether I inject or not, I just really liked the way they turned out. The neat surprise from BIL on this whole thing was I got a 3 bone Prime Rib for cooking his chuck.


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