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Default Thank you for the add!

Cheers all!

I am a new BBQer and just purchased a Country Smoker traveler. I have a tiny Casita trailer and a Ridgeline truck, and the smoker travels with us. I also have two farm collies that are my constant companions and BBQ taste testers and office clean up crew.

I am a (kind of recent) widow of a military man, and he used to do all the BBQ, and he also was GREAT with our wood fired oven. We lived in Italy for two tours and learned how to make Italian pizza by working at a local pizzeria on weekends. It was one of the highlights of our cooking together!

One of my tasks is to start barbecuing again and having friends over. My church congregation (small bunch of farmers and ranchers) is coming over in July, and I am doing the cooking, so I am very motivated to get started right and practice before I have to serve a small crowd of 30-40.

I am considering getting a larger smoker, was thinking Traeger or Country Smoker. Want a pellet smoker as I am tired of the electric smokers only smoking for a few minutes of the cooking. After reading the site here, I see that both brands are recognized (good), and that either choice would probably be okay. The Country Smoker is just a little small for what I am used to, so I need to figure out what the best additional smoker is for me right now.

I accept any and all advice, and appreciate your patience with me.

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